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I appeared on this chapter!! XD
Hi all!

The latest installment in the Jonathan & Paul series is here! yes, Jonathan first *is a not so closeted Jonathan fangirl*

Thanks to kokiden for her amazing speedy at purchasing, translating and orchesting the team for this project and thx to toshirodragon for scanning and nanantingki for proofing the text.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it as MUCH as we did. If you want to fangirl, ehem... I mean, discuss about it feel free to reply to this entry. I would love to read what you have to say ^^

Family & New Family
Hello there!

Here's the latest chapter in the Paul & Jonathan's series, oh yes, I might not sound excited but I swear that I am XD

As always thanks to kokiden for continuing with the project, without you this lovely series would have been gathering dust in the Opera's XD This time the scans were courtesy of toshirodragon and the Eng. text profed by nanantingki thank you both for contributing to this project.

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I did it!
So finally I'm done with latest chapter in the Paul & Jonathan's series. Btw, I keep wondering if the new volume will have a different title because 'Lies are... 2" would be kind of a turn off.

Let me thank you to my wonderful partners in crime, Arsenic, for the wonderful scans and kokiden for having the nerve to deal with a slacker like me XD and not in the credits but equally important, thx to chinpirako for the constant support, without her whip this chapter would have probably delayed even more ^^;;

As always please don't even think about resharing, reupload, repost, whatever. You just donwload it and keep the chapter safe in your yaoi folder for your own use and that's it. Don't go and think that you're making a favor to the community by sharing this project whatsoever.

Without further ado please enjoy and oh! for those who are missing previous chapters enjoy as well~

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Another retard
As many of you have already read in kokiden's entry, this little twerp went and did exactly what we politely asked not to do.

As a result, we are thinking of either dropping the series or making a closed LJ community but we haven't decided yet. Oh, if you feel like thanking this user for our decision please go ahead and do it.

Family Time
Hi guys ^^

Just to let you know that the latest chapter of our favorite couple is out. This time we'll find more about Paul's & Jonathan's families and well, I hope you enjoy as much as I did while editing this chapter.

Endless thank-yous to my dearest Arsenic for the impeccable scans she gave me to work with and of course to kokiden who is translating as passionately as ever this wonderful series. Thank you both <(_ _ )>

Without further ado, please enjoy the maze!

Frying an Egg
Hi there!

So I decided to delurk and make an useful LJ entry for once LOL

As some of you know when I fangirl a series I do it hard and so I stalked kokiden without rest to chase after the latest chapter of Marta-san series. What was my surprise when I read that she was looking for partners in crime!! I was like oh my gawd... gimmie, gimmie, gimmie *~* and so we end up working together on this chapter.

Of course, we both are in debt to my dearest Arsenic because without her super awesome scanning abilities this chapter wouldn't have been possible.

Finally, as the policy insert says please don't redistribute this project anywhere else. We really, really want to continue working on this but if we find out that it has leaked in any manga sharing/readers sites or tumblr, flickr, whatever, we'll need to cease the distribution and keep it just to ourselves XD so please, just respect the policy.

You can grab here the 3rd part of the Egg arc.

Have fun!~

Custom Cards' Collection

Thx to Hypnotica

Dai & Jae Hee from Let Dai

Thx to xMyuuchanx

Dai Lee & Jae Hee from Let Dai

Tooru & Takano from Miyamoto Kano's mangas

Hei & Yin from Darker than Black

Heather from Silent Hill 3

Adine-sama from TTGL
Avant-sama from Umaisake's TTGL djs
Motoko Kusanagi from GIS: SAC
Fuuma from -X-

Yoko from TTGL

Julia y Mariana from Las Aparicio

A17 & A18 from DBZ

The King Of Fighters XIII

Thx to Gloomy Gloo

The King Of Fighters XIII

The patience is a virtue...
So I'm here waiting quietly for my memberships approval... (°V°)

I hope that soon I can download the stuff I've been looking for since forever *wobble*

For BL Communities
I only post this entry due to the recents events on the BL Scanlation Community, I'm not that active member as I wish here nor any forum because I don't have anything else to say but a big and sincere THANK YOU.

Despite that, I'm an enthusiastic manga reader who enjoys a crazy lot of yaoi every week. So, if you're an administrator/moderator who needs an active LJ you'll never find here anything else but this entry and occasionals nonsenses x'D~

That's it, I'm here and I will be very happy if you consider to keep my account among the members of your community.

Thank you~

Final Words
Autor: Woon Soo Yeon

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